When it comes to moving to Nicaragua, you should take some time to really check the country out and learn as much as possible before packing up and making your move. Whether you’ve been here before or not, it is a good idea to spend some time within the local area you are considering to get to know the locals, see what is offered and to make sure it is a location you will be happy in. Taking a vacation and staying in a nice hotel for a week or two is a good idea while you take time to check the local area out and really see everything the area offers. Whether you’re considering the move for retirement, to bring your family or just as a change of scenery, you will find out quickly that there is something for everyone, and for all ages, waiting in Nicaragua.


Benefits of Moving to Nicaragua

 With nature greeting you around every corner, this is a land that is beautiful as well as plentiful. Living off it is something that many of the locals do. When it comes to visiting, you will find that there is plenty to keep you occupied. With everything from enjoying some of the best surfing in the world to kayak trips, swimming, nature walks or even hiking to volcanoes, the country boasts plenty of outdoor activities. With the spectacular sun sets, visitors can enjoy more of the culture, the native food and festivities that happen. Shops and cafes welcome one and all to come in and enjoy what they offer.

Expats thinking of moving to Nicaragua can expect to find some of the most beautiful sights, but also the peace and tranquility that follows. Since this area is so rich in nature, it is an area that so many seek to find solace with life. If you’re looking for a place where you can find yourself learning, exploring and enjoying the outdoors then Nicaragua is perfect for you. A great aspect of a move to Nicaragua, and something that comes up often when people are asking questions about Nicaragua is that even as an expat, you can own a home just as any of the local citizens can.


What to Expect with the Housing Market

 When it comes to expectations of new homes, you may have an idea of what you’d expect from the area you’re currently living in. When it comes to moving to Nicaragua, the housing is diverse and offers many choices for the person moving to choose from.


The rental prices can vary depending on the location and standard that the mover is looking for. For something more simple, expect to pay $500 or less for the home. If you’d like something a bit more upscale with bedrooms and beautifully put together rooms, then expect to pay somewhere between $800 and $1500 USD.


Purchasing a home has the same factor as renting. Depending on the location and standards that you have, the prices can fluctuate. The costs of homes rise the closer to the ocean or city that they get. Those homes with a pool, that have a decent amount of space and come with other amenities will also cost more. A home with these extras can cost anywhere from $200,000-$280,000. However, if you’re looking outside the city limits, you can expect to pay around $135,000-$190,000.


Purchasing land and building your own home is another option that is provided to those moving to the area. This can cost anywhere from $75-$110 per square foot. These are dream homes with very high quality standards. Standard homes can be built on any plot of land for as low as $40 per square foot.


The Steps of Moving to an Outside Country

Moving all your items is essential when moving to a new country. To do so though, you need documents and companies to work with you along the process.

Documents Needed

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Paperwork for vehicles you’re bringing – title, insurance paperwork
  • Declaration of items brought with you
  • All health paperwork
  • Birth certificates

If you are interested in becoming a resident of Nicaragua, you will need to contact the Ministry of Government and file an application. This can be a long process and patience is necessary when taking steps to stay in Nicaragua long term.


 Hiring a Shipping Company

 A shipping company should be hired if you’re bringing your vehicle to Nicaragua with you. You need to consider which ones offer the best services and are spoken highly of. You can opt to hire a company that specializes in international moving services for your household property and hire a separate shipper for your vehicle or you may be able to pack your personal property inside the shipping container with the car. Depending on what you plan to ship and how quickly you need it, you may want to ship separately as often, personal property can be delayed as customs will need to check every item in the container before clearance.


The cost to ship a car can range from $1000 USD to nearly $3000 USD and shipping household goods will vary depending on the amount of items shipped, whether they ship via air, water or land and whether you have insured them prior to shipping out. This is very cost effective when thinking about the fact that you’re moving all your items and taking an express ride to the country.


When the time comes to make the move, you can be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for within Nicaragua. With beautiful lands, friendly people and homes that are built with professional precision, it is a place so many expats want to move to. When choosing where to move, be sure to consider Nicaragua as your next destination.


About the Author

Angela Caito is a freelance writer who writes articles on topics that interest her including many for A-1 Auto Transport, Inc. She is always searching for exciting things to do around the world and when she isn’t tied down to her keyboard, she enjoys hiking, swimming, camping and other wilderness fun.